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Special update Walmart has donated over $200,000 for this mission. Thank you all who have supported

My Story

I have been approved to go and save the children, women, and people of Ukraine by transporting them to safe locations in Poland.

Why are you risking your life like this?

I simply cannot sit on the sidelines and watch innocent children and people die.

How did you land the Walmart Partnership?

I simply called them and they were generous to match all “Extra tips” to help fund this mission.

How will my "Extra Tip Help And What Is an Extra Tip"

After I make a delivery, they will ask you to tip the driver, sometimes they recommend tips, you can edit and place a larger tip and that is what Walmart will match. So anything over $20.00

How can I donate more to help you and Ukraine?

You can always Venmo me @johnnycwilliams or scan the QR code below!


I have been delayed another week but thanks to all that donated I was able to purchase the military equipment. Thank you!

Approval to go to Ukraine! 

You are a hero for helping me save lives. 

It’s time to take action, I am leaving soon and anything helps.

Love John William Cantlin