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After searching for a new project in the pet space, John Cantlin sent out a shocking survey of over 500,000 dog owners. The study examined why people do not want “pet insurance.” We followed up by asking them about a “Non-Insurance” wellness plan, and it was almost like gold struck us! John then decided to use leads from his other pet startups to start accumulating subscriptions for

John Cantlin was optimistic that all breeders cared about the quality of their puppies, yet fell out of love with the business due to the shocking number of puppy mills, lobbying laws to allow puppy mills to operate, and the simple fact 80% of dogs breeders unethical breed their puppies that can cost upwards of five thousand dollars in Vet fees and or taking home a puppy that does.

6 Months To 10,000 Members

6 Months To 10,000 Members

  • 20,000 active members

  • Landed Missive Revenue Based Partnerships

  • Over 200+ Qualified Affiliate Partners

  • Donated $300,000 to Lucky’s Rescue

What makes GetPawfax Unique

The Best Non-Insurance For Your Puppy!


Unlike pesky insurance companies that make filing and submitting a claim very complicated, we streamline this process to provide the fastest reimbursements in the industry!

Unlike pet insurance, PawFax Wellness reimburses you for the routine care you already do for your pet. Our pet wellness plans include vet visits, grooming, and vaccines.

Your pet wellness protection starts immediately after signing up.

We cover dogs of all ages

We don’t deny senior dog coverage. We welcome all dogs and puppies six weeks and older and cover any new conditions for all breeds.

People are sick of annoying insurance companies in the pet space!

Why John Started

Why John Started

1. Growing market: Pet ownership and the demand for pet insurance are increasing. In fact, the pet insurance industry has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue.

2. High-profit potential: The pet insurance industry has relatively low overhead costs and high-profit potential. This is because, unlike human health insurance, pet insurance policies typically have fewer exclusions, limitations, and deductibles. As a result, pet owners are more likely to file claims, and the insurance company can earn more money in premiums.

3. Pet owners prioritize their pets’ health: Pet owners are often willing to spend significant money to keep their pets healthy. However, unexpected illnesses or injuries can be expensive, so pet insurance can be a valuable investment for many pet owners.

4. Differentiation: Starting a pet wellness business was a way to separate ourselves from other pet-related companies.

5. Flexibility: Pet insurance policies can be customized to meet the needs of individual pet owners. This means that a pet insurance business can offer a range of policies and pricing options to appeal to different market segments.

6. Positive social impact: Starting a pet insurance business can have a positive social impact by improving the health and well-being of pets. This can lead to happier pet owners and healthier pets.

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