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John Cantlin About

My Story

John Cantlin is an Entrepreneur and Sales Strategist who has a strong focus on Pet Markets and nonprofits. John has a unique talent for partnering with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow personal and professional brands, from idea to execution. After nearly a decade working in sales and marketing for high-dollar brands and startups, John knows exactly what drives startups, from team dynamics to sold-out launches and significant press mentions. 

“It’s all about how well you connect with the founding team, to motivate, inspire, and succeed in a startup environment.”

John has had great success with some of his notable startups, HelloPuppy and PawFax, to mention a few. He also helped design and deploy “Educational Learning Labs” in Ethiopia with ET Learns and considers that to be one of his favorites. 

After having major success in the pet markets, John now has shifted his focus to travel the country to provide aid and support to the most troubled animal rescues and shelters. John teaches shelters how to get dogs on the euthanasia list into responsible homes, fast.

“Anyone with a past similar to mine can create greatness and find the inner leader within them; they just need to work harder than everyone else.”

“I cannot even count the number of failures I’ve had; it’s like when you don’t wear matching socks to a meeting…it sucks, but you won’t let it ruin your day. You just move onto the next.” -John Cantlin

01. Startups

After working for larger organizations, John shifted to working and creating bootstrap startups. “A smaller team works better for my personality. Also, nobody needs a skyscraper office with extreme overhead in the startup phases.”

02. Philanthropy

John loves nonprofits. “I found my love for philanthropy during my trip to Ethiopia. There’s just something about the experience of the unknown. Being able to interact with people on the other side of the planet is just surreal.

03. Passion

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs. When John Cantlin was 14, he was left homeless with his dog named Lucky. “That dog taught me everything, how to survive, build, and be a friend. He’s the main reason all my startups are dog focused.” On the weekends, John stops by local animal shelters to bring gifts and sponsor dogs.


John has an exceptional talent for partnering with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow personal and professional brands, from idea to execution. 

I’m simply just a super-passionate dog person.

If you would like to follow or reach out, please select one of the options below. For brand sponsorships or donations, please reach out directly. No investment inquires, please, I am no longer investing in startups.