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How Big do Pomeranians Get?

One of the best things about dogs is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Although descendants from the same ancestors, dogs range from just a few pounds to as heavy as some humans! In a lot of ways, this increases the options for owning dogs. For instance, even living in a smaller home doesn’t have to get in the way of owning a dog. So long as the dog is small enough to live comfortably, there are still breeds you could choose from! However, this can also make determining which dog is right for you more complicated. Therefore, asking questions like ‘how big do Pomeranians get’ is more than understandable- it’s important!

There are many reasons why size might contribute to the type of dog you adopt. For starters, smaller dogs tend to require less space and are generally easier to handle. However, larger dogs may be more capable of things like guarding households and herding large animals. Plus, personal preference definitely plays a role. It’s no secret that some people prefer lap-sized dogs, whereas others prefer dogs that make themselves fit into your lap! Whatever factors go into it, knowing how large a dog will get is an important step in picking the right pet for you!

How Big do Pomeranians Get?

Pomeranians are known for their outgoing and bold personalities. However, the size of their character doesn’t always match their actual size! On average, Pomeranians grow to a height of 6-7 inches and a weight of 3-7 pounds. As a result, their small statures make them a Toy breed. So if you’ve got a new puppy and are wondering ‘how big do Pomeranians get,’ the better question might be ‘how small will it stay?’

Because Pomeranians are such a small breed, it can affect if they’re the right for your family. For instance, being small usually makes them an attractive pet for kids. Not only do kids enjoy their toy size, but they’re also easier to handle. For most kids, you won’t have to worry about a pomeranian jumping up or being too rough when playing. Likewise, issues like handling on a leash are also easier, since there’s not much weight to their pull. With benefits like these, it’s understandable why you might consider adopting a pomeranian.

However, with all their benefits, a pomeranian’s small size can also have drawbacks. Just like you might have to adjust life to care for a large dog, you may have to adjust things to care for a small one, too. Whereas large dogs may be able to hop fences, small dogs may be able to fit through holes. Concerns like this all need to be considered to give your dog the best life! We at Furzly believe preparing for life with a pet is incredibly important. To give some insight into owning a Pomeranian, here’s a small guide to how their size may affect their care!

how big do pomeranians get

How Size Affects Care

It’s well-known that a pomeranian’s small size is part of its charm. Let’s be honest- who can resist a small fur-ball that you can pet?! However, aside from adding to their appeal, it also adds to the things to consider when owning one. As adorable as they are, their small size gives them unique requirements in more ways than one. This is why ‘how big do Pomeranians get’ is such an important question! Let’s examine some things to keep in mind when caring for a pomeranian:


  • Pomeranians are less able to handle “rough play” and should be supervised when with kids
  • High furniture like chairs, couches, and beds can be a hazard to Pomeranians; jumping from high places may cause injury
  • Small dogs like Pomeranians can be targets to large birds of prey and should be supervised while outside
  • Larger dogs may intentionally or accidentally injure your Pomeranian in play or fight
  • Small dogs are generally more vulnerable to health risks like a luxating patella

Additional Risks

  • Their small size makes it easier to get into smaller spaces, like holes and gaps in walls, fencing, etc.
  • Environmental concerns like large snow piles and puddles may impact your Pomeranian’s travel.
  • Being lower to the ground may make it easier for Pomeranians to get dirty or attract burrs.
how big do pomeranians get

How Should I Adjust My Pomeranian’s Care?

Because Pomeranians’ small size puts them at unique risks from big dogs, you may have to make some changes. Thankfully, you’ve already taken the first step of asking, ‘how big do Pomeranians get?’ Recognizing that size affects care is a huge step in giving them the best life! Now that we’ve covered some of the hazards, let’s assess some of the steps you can take:

At-Home Care

  • If your home has high furniture, you may want to install doggy stairs for safer access.
  • Check gates, fences, and enclosures for small holes or gaps that your dog can fit through
  • Try to keep your lawn cleared of tall grass, snow, puddles, and fur-sticking plants.
  • Make sure every member of the family is aware of these risks and supervise young kids who may not understand

Out-and-About Care

  • When on walks, be careful not to pull too roughly or take your pet to an unsafe environment.
  • Be cautious when your Pomeranian is around larger dogs, and always supervise their play.
  • When outside, be watchful of any potential predators like large birds or coyotes that could attack your Pomeranian

While these steps may seem small or obvious, they can make all the difference. Being aware of your dog’s risks is a critical responsibility of being a dog owner. In order to ensure safety and a good-quality life, you may have to make some of the above adjustments. However, you’ll likely find that your Pomeranian’s fun and loving personality is well worth it!

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