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John Cantlin Consulting

Results Pay For Them Selves 

John has something special in the market for pets. He is the first to contact them and follows them through the journey. We have an ongoing very exciting deal with him, and the customers are utilizing the program. I don’t see this ever ending.

Pet Plan Logo John Cantlin

“John helped us reach puppy buyers before anyone else. The project is ongoing and very lucrative for both parties.”

We have been converting policies like crazy since we Partnered with John’s team. We only accept customers that are willing to get puppy insurance and help their dogs live happy lives.

-Marketing Manager

John has done an incredible job of having pet owners on his platform convert to food subscribers. It follows his mission and ours. To help pets live long, healthy and happy lives. The best part is the owners are excited to sign up at a very high rate.

– Nom Nom Now Marketing Lead

“After working with John, he gave us incredible resources to launch our newest products; let’s say they are the highest selling products now! ”

-VP of Sales

Hive Therapy St. Geroge Utah

We were a Planet Fitness rebranded and failing. When John stepped in, he turned our business around with leadership and an outside perspective. We went from the bottom of Google to the top through John’s recommendations.


Chill Smoke and Vape Chandler Arizona

“John has increased our bottom line by 20% in only two months! He did this by getting us on the first page of Google through reviews. Now we are furnished with customers.”

-Owner Par

T-lock Logo

John gave us ideas we never thought possible. Now we have a licensing deal with Glock for our most secure gun lock, and we receive checks in a large sum in the mail. This guy is very networked!