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PawFax (acquired)

PawFax | Show Me The PawFax (acquired)

It’s like the CarFax for dog buyers!

John Founded PawFax, the first of its kind, health and data company for the pet market. We analyze 150 data points to determine if a puppy is healthy before you buy it. Our puppy registration requires the puppy to be proven healthy before a registration number is assigned. Read reviews of breeders from actual puppy buyers to help determine the quality of dog breeders.

Proprietary Health Exam


A puppy buyer can order a report on any dog breeder they wish to choose from. We research the dog breeders past puppy buyers, the health tests of the puppies, and even if that breeder has been involved with a puppy scam or animal abuse. This report has over 150 data points that calculate an overall score. It’s our plan to end puppy mills and puppy scams.


The breeder accreditation program is our way of making it harder for dog breeders to go into business. We only allow breeders to become accredited if they pass our breeder assessment with flying colors. The PawFax assessment was designed so that it cannot be gamed.


We have made it impossible to be scammed when buying a puppy through the PawFax platform. With our breeder verification dog, breeders must prove not only their location but for their breeding practices. We started this program because of the real issues people are facing when buying a puppy online.


At PawFax, we collect the data from dog breeders, puppy buyers, and health tests. We use this data to determine if a puppy is healthy and the breeder is safe to buy from. We plan to use this data in more advanced DNA testing for dogs around the world.

Learn more about PawFax here Visit PawFax