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Luckys Rescue

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Ending puppy mills through consumer education

We are passionate 501(c)(3)
solving the hardest issues for dogs.

“To date, John and his team have removed over 20,000 dogs off the euthanize list.”

Lucky’s Rescue founded by John C. is on a mission to help the most underserved dogs from around the world. Our focus is to rehabilitate dogs that might be deemed un-adoptable.

Our marketing experts have over ten years in the dog adoption business and use creative and unique methods to find dog placements into happy, qualified homes.

How you can help: By donating to Lucky’s Rescue, you provide tools and resources for us to for our specialized team to do extensive research and due diligence into adopting families.

Our goals: To be self-sufficient, running a high-growth and impact organization requires a mix of funding, services, and products. John takes the unique approach of operating a Non-profit as a startup that is stuck in bootstrap mode. This enables us to utilize funds in the most effective way possible.

Lucky’s Rescue will develop products and services that have a 1-1 benefit. This means when you purchase a product or service, we donate the full amount of that product to dogs in need.

Learn more about Lucky’s Rescue here Visit Lucky’s Rescue