“I typically only focus on startups that have a strong focus on dogs. But something about making a greater impact on pets around the world caught my attention. With Furzly’s subscriber list being over 20,000 pet owners, I knew there was enough opportunity to grow further” said John Cantlin


We’re more than just another online source of information. We are a family. A mission. We are the pet owners and lovers of the world. We are the changemakers that seek to shine a light in places that others choose to ignore. We are the next generation of business owners and operators that seek to do better than our predecessors.


Furzly welcomes industry professionals to write about tips, tricks, and health improvements that will improve a pet’s life but also the life of the pet owner. We have recently opened up registration to the public to write on the Furzly platform. Writers just need to adhere to our writer code of ethics outlined in this Writer Guidelines.

Furzly started its new content initiative led up by its first contributor Stacy Crutchfield who kicked off the operation by creating the first piece of content.


What makes Furzly different from other media publications is we focus on action and not entertainment. We plan to help you improve your life, your pet’s life, and everything in between.


We are planning to create innovative health products that will be in our Furzly store. Currently, we have 15 products in the queue, and the shop is set to be open in late 2020. Some of our most exciting products are an all-natural replacement for standard dog food, a high tech dog bed that monitors your dog’s sleeping, all-natural shampoos, and conditioners.

We want to not only offer education around the world but to drive a direct impact on pets around the world. The Furzly Foundation will be launched in late 2020, as well.

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