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John Cantlin is an Entrepreneur that focuses on notable causes and social projects. John is also the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee

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Awards are excellent, but they do not define John Cantin’s  passion or work. John has a strong focus on consulting, investing, and developing pet related causes, and businesses. John is also also very passionate about the impact he has accumulated from Innovating Education in Ethiopia, raising over $1m for his dog rescue, and being very successful in his personal ventures.

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From being homeless at 14 with his dog Lucky, John Cantlin had to fight his way through life for a successful future. “Against All Odds” is a story about survival, education, and never giving up. This book is a zero-to-hero story and details how John’s traumatic experiences growing up shaped him into an unstoppable entrepreneur.

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John Cantlin has helped us identify our customer’s true issues when faced with the task of an online presence. He has transformed our consumer market for the better.

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